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Dance with Rekha

Join our Bollywood Dance Workout Classes!

​Now offering beginner to intermediate fitness
workouts for all ages and fitness levels.

Soon to be Zumb
a Certified Stay Tuned!!

Virtual Classes Starting Soon!!

About Dance with Rekha 

Life can be quite busy and stressful at times, and if you don't manage your stress, it can accumulate and have negative effects on you.  


That's why I offer a dance workout that can uplift your mood, regardless of your experience level. Whether you want to learn how to dance, become more active, or need assistance with choreography, I'm here to help you.  


I believe that movement has a healing power, and dance can bring a transformative change in our lives.

Currently only offering inperson classes in Milton, Online Live classes starting soon!!!!

You bring the ENERGY, I'll bring the VIBE 

Our Mission

Dance with Rekha

is to promote healing and transformation through movement & dance. We Believe "movement heals and dance transforms".

We strive to have a personal experience for each of our members.

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@ dancemoveswithrekha

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