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Belinda Crasto

Ruchika Nehru

Harsh Kapoor

Akanksha Arora

Kritika Verma

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Great class and an amazing teacher! Thankyou Rekha for the enjoyable dance session.

I am so glad I decided to join DWR. I always look forward to the weekend classes by Rekha. It keeps the body fit and also works as a stress buster. Rekha and Brian are amazing people and great instructors. Highly Recommended!!

The sessions with Rekha and Brian are sweat-breaking and fun at the same time. The motivated group of people grooving to Bollywood songs with thumkas and twists makes the one hour totally worth it.

I look forward to weekend classes with Rekha. It's a great workout and is so much fun. The dance community is awesome. Both Rekha & Brian are a lovely couple and knows how to engage everyone.

The sessions at DWR are not only energetic but super fun too.This is the best combination of bollywood dance and fitness. Thanks to Rekha for being such an amazing instructor. 

Bianca Gurnani


It’s been only a month since I joined DWR, and I had sweaty, energetic, and fun sessions. Thanks to Rekha, who makes sure to boost your energy and engage you throughout the sessions. Being a fan of Bollywood songs and dance and a bit of a fitness freak, this one-hour session is so fruitful. An excellent initiative from this duo power-packed couple - Rekha and Brian. I am glad to be part of this Bolly-Fitness group..

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